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    Knowbody Knows is a GREAT way to
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    Take a wild guess what is the most popular online card game? Yes, you guessed right, its an online poker game.

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    Keep in touch with friends across the country(and the world!), or just break up the monotony of the work day. You Can play 20 rounds in a day or 1 round every 20 days. Whatever you want. Emails are sent out, and once everyone responds, everyone's Wild Guesses are emailed out. Add comments to defend your Guess. And, it's all free, compliments of Uncle Rez.

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    Knowbody Knows has been awarded the Major Fun Party game award from   "We played. We laughed. We experienced the kind of fun the Major Fun award was designed to be awarded for." - Bernie DeKoven,
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    Do YOU Know?

    How many times did you laugh out loud last year?

    How many hours a month does your Dad spend "on the can"?

    On a scale between 1 and 1000, how Flirtatious is your sister?

    How much did your best friend spend on alcohol last year?


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